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savings revolution

"Confessions of a Microfinance Heretic Revealed" -- Kim Wilson

Huffington Post

"What a 'Microfinance Heretic' Has to Say to U.S. Microlenders" -- Elaine Edgcomb

responsible credit

"Microfinance sector still needs to become responsible – Insider account of the industry shows that there is a pressing need to get stakeholders to seriously responsibilise and regulate the sector for sustainabiltiy in the access to financial services worldwide"  --

East Bay Express

" The Microfinance Myth. A solution to global poverty? Not so fast, says Hugh Sinclair." --  East Bay Express

Microfinance Focus

"Confessions is frustrating and fascinating in equal measure … scathing without being unconstructive. The stories he recounts tell a much broader story - one which it is important to hear." -- Microfinance Focus

Mundo Microfinanzas

"Sinclair revela el descubrimiento de redes de corrupción y encubrimientos que comprometen a firmas pioneras de la industria a nivel global, combinando distintos registros narrativos: memoria, exposición, historias de detective financiero" -- Mundo Microfinanzas

David Roodman

"I can’t recall feeling such an acute combination of fury and delight at a book before." -- David Roodman

Common Dreams

"The Wolf Is Guarding the Sheep: Why Microfinance Needs Regulation Too" --

Shelf Awareness

"Eye-opening…a must-read for anyone interested in economic and social justice." --  Shelf Awareness

"A thrilling and chilling read, which is hard to put down… makes a powerful argument and is meticulously referenced." --

"Five Things You Never Knew About Microfinancing" --

Spiegel online

"Sinclair's autobiographical book is original and thoroughly entertaining…a diary of an insider who describes his alienation from and lonely struggle against the cult-like microfinance community with wit and charm." - Spiegel Online

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Hugh Sinclair on The Street

"Big Bank Microlending Must be Reformed" — Watch Hugh Sinclair on The

Five Talents

"While a lot of books on microfinance can be heavy on procedure and light on narrative, Sinclair manages to mix in both to create a fascinating – and sometimes depressing – look at examples of MFIs that have gone off the rails. Nonetheless, this book is a must-read if you want to learn how to distinguish between good and bad practices in the microfinance industry."-- Five Talents

Hugh Sinclair on WBAI

Listen to Hugh Sinclair on WBAI -- "Talk Back"

Telegraph UK

"Microfinance is under threat from greed - and it's the poor who are suffering" -- Telegraph UK

New York Journal of Books

“Hugh Sinclair is a brave and persistent guy… [who] knows his stuff. Channeling Michael Lewis sets a pretty high bar, and the attempt makes Microfinance Heretic more fun to read than most financial books.” -- New York Journal of Books

Publishers Weekly review

"An arresting exposé… told with almost cinematic flair." -- Publishers Weekly

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